PIGMENT Refill Ink R2400
    • PIGMENT Refill Ink R2400
    • PIGMENT Refill Ink R2400

    Pigment Refill Ink R2400

    GST included
    Reference: R2400-PIG

    MIR-AUS- Pigment Refill Ink R2400 - for more information view the item


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    Our inks are not manufactured by printer companies such as Epson, Canon, Brother or HP. The use of these names is used for clarification only.

    for Epson printers
    for Epson printers

    Pigment Refill Ink R2400


          120 ml Cyan INK

          120 ml Light Black INK

          120 ml Light Cyan INK

          120 ml Light Light  Black INK

          120 ml Light Magenta INK

          120 ml Magenta INK

          120 ml Photo Black INK

          120 ml Yellow INK


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