We prefer to give our customers specific names of real producers. All ink products are obtained from trusted producers and are sold to you under their original brand names.

Every time you buy a CISS, you receive the latest version of chipset available on the market.

Assemble the ROBUST V.4 Is a new revolutionary Australian design. Don't settle for cheap imitations, look for our MIR-AUS logo on top of your Robust tank.

MIR-AUS Ink System Compare Chart

Continuous Ink Supply System       

New Ciss


mbox-ciss v.2


fly ciss v.3

CISS Fly™  V.3

Capacity for each colour
(Tanks & cartridges)
Auto Reset Chipset
Metal Tank Filter
Tank Cover

Tank Material
Cover colour
Cover Material
INK (any type of ink)
Show remainder inks

 Two sidesTwo sidesOne side

Tanks can be separated***

(unique design)

2 plugs 1 plug2 plugs
 Ink Quality
  Moorim™ Moorim™
Ink Made inSouth KoreaSouth KoreaSouth Korea
Tank Made in


Australian Design

Design Number 201114158



Tank refill in
 Australia  Australia Australia

Auto Reset Chipset Made





(Online PDF. file 

(Online PDF. file)

(Online PDF. file)

Chip-set Warranty

12 months*

6 months*

6 months*

ICC Profile





CISS Comparison in Australia 

robust ciss with metal filter

Ink supply Comparison in Australia

ink supply 30 days money back Guranteeink supply satisfaction Gurantee

*Depend on the printer model.

** Our CISS also comes with a cover to protect the high quality of your ink from the exposure to light, which is a unique feature of our systems. (The quality of the ink is quite sensitive and suffers from exposure to light)

*** Our tanks can be separated.

MIR-AUS CISS ink tanks have a unique interlocking mechanism (like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle) allowing you to detach them from one another easily. This feature reduces your costs if you’ll need to repair or upgrade your CISS.

A) Spare parts: If you happen to damage any of the ink tanks, all you’ll need to do is to replace the single tank with a new one. Spare tanks can be obtained from our website at a fraction of the cost of a CISS.

B) Upgrading: Often people upgrade their printers. For instance, if your old printer had four colours and the new one has six, you can upgrade your existing CISS by ordering two spare tanks and changing the pipe system from four lines to six. We can prepare the pipes and ship them to you ready for installation. You may need new cartridges if your new printer uses a different cartridge type. Though these changes mean more expenditure, they will be considerably less than the cost of purchasing a new CISS.

 ***Postage will be chargeable for the new chipset.

Continuous Ink Supply SystemsContinuous Ink Supply Systems

Continuous Ink Supply Systems robust v.4

We now have our newest
ROBUST™-V.4 CISS, MBox™-V2.0 CISS and Fly™-V3.0 CISS Systems available, our great new design is called the 

"MBox and Fly " these great new designs match the colour of your printer design and protect the CISS ink from UV light, the printing revolution starts here with our new amazing ROBUST , MBox™ and Fly™ Continuous Ink Supply System. The large 120ml or 100ml external ink reservoirs continually feed the cartridges with ink through silicon feed tubes saving you up to 95% on ink cartridges.

Don't leave those digital camera photographs sitting on your computer - get printing and save money!!!
All our kits are supplied with 100ml 120ml 250ml 500ml 1000ml,.. of high-quality Dye, Pigment and K3 inks in each reservoir...


  • The printing revolution starts here with our new amazing Continuous Ink Systems. The large external ink reservoirs continually feed the cartridges with ink through silicon feed tubes. We also supply Moorim™ Ink at great prices. All our refill ink is of the highest quality.

    • Our Continuous Ink Supply Systems save up to 95% of the printing costs for inkjet printers (Epson, Canon, HP and Brother Printers). These systems use sponge fewer printer cartridges with auto reset chips. The CISS ink tanks can feed the cartridges with ink continuously, so you don't need to purchase expensive cartridges anymore. And you can use Dye ink and Pigment ink.

  • All our Continuous Ink  Systems are of the highest quality, with the highest quality chips on the market today.
    The main advantages of continuous ink supply systems are that the cartridge is always full, delivering even colour every time which remains consistent regardless of the size of the print run. Large runs of photographs or other jobs can be spooled without the worry of running out of ink. The external bottles are clear, enabling you to see easily if any colours are running low, and require a quick and easy top-up with our refill inks. The bottles hold significantly more ink than cartridges, minimising maintenance.

  • Our CISS also comes with a cover to protect the high quality of your ink from the exposure to light, which is a unique feature of our systems. (The quality of the ink is quite sensitive and suffers from exposure to light)

  • Our ink refills are available in the following colours, Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Black, Matte Black,
    Photo Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Optimizer Glossy, Light Black, Light Light Black, Orange etc.. Our refill inks are fully compatible with all major printer cartridges.


CISS R2400

Continuous Ink Supply Systems

Continuous Ink Supply Systems

Continuous Ink Supply Systems

ciss chipset

ciss hp chipset

Continuous Ink Supply Systems




A+B Refillable Cartridges

A+B Refillable cartridge


A+B cartridge



The innovative design, special for Epson new model printers: PX800FW, PX700W, R285, SX400, SX405, SX200, SX205, SX100, SX105, DX9400F, DX8450, DX8400, DX7450, DX7400, DX4450, DX4400, D120, S20, D92, R2880, R800, 1400, R1900. 
TX100, TX200, TX300, TX300F, TX400, TX600FW, TX700W, TX800W, T10, T10, T11, TRX690, 1390, R290
WorkForce 30, 40, 500, 600, Artisan 700, Artisan 800, NX100, NX200, NX300, NX400, RX595, RX680, CX7400, CX9400FAX, CX9475FAX, R280, R2880,


NEW A+B cartridge


cartridgeNEW A+B cartridge

The ink cartridge includes 2 parts (A+B): one part is the chip stand With-Auto-Rest  Chip. And another part is ink cartridge without chip.


Please Note:

MIR-AUS, product's protection 

Just buy MIR-AUS products with 

3D hologram label