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 Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) is a trading division of MIR-AUS ® 

MIR-AUS ® has been successfully selling Continuous Ink Supply Systems for many years and has established its range of products in over 50 retail stores in Australia and abroad. Customers can collect their products from our office in Banksmeadow, Sydney or depend upon prompt and reliable delivery from our distribution centre via International or Domestic DHL or Australian Express Post. When you buy an ink product from us, we have it in stock here in Sydney. Your goods aren't shipped in from overseas like some of our competitors.

Printing technology is constantly evolving. At MIR-AUS ® we build and maintain customer loyalty by providing trusted advice on quality products and selling them at competitive prices. Our customers also build loyalty points for discounts on their next order and discounts for referring friends.

The MIR-AUS ® website enables shoppers to research and buy from our extensive and up-to-date product range for all major printer manufacturers such as Canon, Epson, HP & Brother.

ciss - miraus is exclusive agent of moorim chemtech in Australia.
MIR-AUS Ink Supplier

Trust us, By having an MIR-AUS Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) you will save 95% on printing costs. For example, if you have 4 colours printer you buy each original cartridge with 7~8ml capacity for about $20, and for all of them, you have to pay $80. But, with our systems, you just need to buy 1 bottle of ink with 100ml capacity $11. Consequently, by spending $80~$90, you will save approximately $900.

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Who we are and what we have!

MIR-AUS started the business in 2007 in Sydney/Australia and has now developed new containers with more features (First 100% Australian design for a continuous ink supply system). We call it Robust V.4 TM, Our new system comes with an ink cover and internal metal filter to protect your printer head as much as possible. Another advantage with our new supply system is that it has the capacity of an external container. The All ink system normally comes with 80-100ml ink for each colour, Compare this to our new system and we now have 40% extra ink. (For a limited time if anyone orders a new system we will give them a 100ml bottle of ink for each colour as a gift) MIR-AUS also supply a system to use PVF material for containers with new flexible silicon tubing. 

Why we refill our products in Australia. We have three main reasons to refill all ink systems in Australia!

1)  Quality Control:

Control the quality and use fresh ink.

(All systems refill on the same day of orders received, then all customers will get fresh ink.)

2)  Source of Quality:

 Ink comes from the Moorim Chemtech Company of which we are the exclusive importer and the company is known for its quality.

3)  Ink Variation:

As you see, we have so many different kinds of ink in stock for different purposes. (Dye ink, chrome ink, pigment ink, textile ink etc.)

To keep our stock flexible and available all the time, we must refill the container on the same day of the order.

For more development in our country, we need more customers’ feedback. Keep Australia green with green products. Our online chatting system is available during business hours. 

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Please Note

CISS-FLY ®  {V.1, V.2, V.3,..}, CISS-MBOX {V.1, V.2, V.3,..}, RISS-Robust ®  {V.1, V.2, V.3,..} and MIR-AUS A+B Refillable Ink Cartridges ®, are expressions coined by MIR-AUS ® and use of this terminology and all related rights are preserved and belong to MIR-AUS ®.

(MIR-AUS is a registered trade mark in Australia)

miraus fly ciss v.3

The FLY-CISS ® design belongs to MIR-AUS ® if used with or without our Logo/Brand name. Unauthorised use of the design or pictures by digital or any other type of media will be regarded as the violation of intellectual property.

MIR-AUS ® products are shipped in the following boxes ( images shown below).

Images and artworks showing this packaging without showing the logo of MIR-AUS ® is an unauthorised replication of our designs and is regarded as a violation of the intellectual property of MIR-AUS ®.

MIR-AUS ® bought the FLY design and Copyright / Patent from the manufacturer.

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Official Partner

ink supply system

You'll never have to buy another cartridge again!

 Simply keep the large reservoirs of ink in the Continuous Ink Unit topped up and save a small fortune!

CISS, pre-filled inks; each colour from120ml

 cartridge for 1-time use, pre-filled inks; each colour 5-10ml


  1X CISS, spend only $99.99


15 sets of original cartridges; spend at least $1800

Continuous Ink Supply Systems - CISS for Epson, Canon, HP and Brother.


The printing revolution starts here with our new amazing Continuous Ink Systems. The large external ink reservoirs continually feed the cartridges with ink through silicon feed tubes (see pictures). We also supply BarolSL and Moorim Quality Refill Ink at great prices, all our refill ink is of the best quality.

Our New Design CISS "Flying " and "Mbox " are Now Available for Epson, HP and Canon.


 All our Continuous Ink Systems are 100% guaranteed and come with full ink tanks.

CISS is a money-saving alternative for customers who do a large amount of printing.

The printer cartridges remain in place permanently in your printer and all you have to do is simply refill the CISS external ink reservoirs

(see our ink refills for great quality BarolSL and Moorim Ink) Don't leave those digital camera photographs sitting on your computer - get printing and save money!!!
All our kits are supplied with 100ml of high-quality dye ink in each reservoir.

  Our all New MIR-AUS A+B Refillable Ink Cartridge ® System is here

miraus ab cartridges


Our Continuous Ink Supply Systems save up to 95% on printing cost for inkjet printers.
(Epson, Canon, HP, Brother Printers). These systems use no-sponge printer cartridges with auto-reset chips; the CISS ink tanks can feed the cartridges with ink continually, so you do not need to purchase expensive cartridges anymore. And you can use Dye and Pigment ink.

All our Continuous Ink  Systems are of the highest quality, with the highest quality chips on the market today. The main advantages of continuous ink supply systems are that the cartridge is always full, delivering even colour every time that remains consistent regardless of the size of the print run. Large runs of photographs or other jobs can be spooled without worry of running out of ink. The external bottles are clear, making it a snap to refill any colours that may be running low with our refill inks, while bottles hold significantly more ink than cartridges, minimizing maintenance.


+ Incredible savings compared to the cost of cartridges!
+ Pre-filled with the equivalent of over 10 sets of ink cartridges!
+ No more cartridges to buy ever again!
+ Never run out of ink at that inconvenient moment!
+ Ideal for Home, Office, Schools and Colleges
+ 6 months warranty on chipset*
+ Stunning quality ink supplied in 100ml 120ml 250ml  500ml  and 1-litre refill bottle
+ Most NEW Epson printer models available
+ Available for selected Epson, Canon, Brother and HP printers
+ Cartridges with AUTO RESET Chips (ARC)


Our Ink refills are available in the following colours, Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Black, Matte Black, Photo Black, Red, Yellow, Blue. Optimizer Glosser and etc.

Our refill inks are also compatible for refilling your printer cartridges.

MIR-AUS A+B Refillable Cartridges