Terms and Conditions

Terms & Agreement
1. Customer Agreement
2. Customer Application
3. Orders And Delivery Of Goods
4. Return Policy
5. Price of Goods and Payment
6. Out of Stock and Substitution
7. Packaging and Labeling of goods
8. Intellectual Property Rights

Usage & Privacy Policy
1. Respecting your privacy
2. What personal information do we collect and store?
3. How is personal information used?
4. How can you check and update your personal details and preferences?
5. How can you remove your personal details from MIR-AUS?
6. Is MIR-AUS secure?
7. What are cookies and how does MIR-AUS use them?
8. More information

Terms & Agreement
1. CUSTOMER AGREEMENT - An agreement exists between you and MIR-AUS™, once MIR-AUS™ accepts an order or MIR-AUS™ receives the order and does not reject it within fourteen days.

2. CUSTOMER APPLICATION - You must complete a customer application before placing an order for goods with MIR-AUS™. You warrant that all information and data provided by you in the customer application is accurate, complete and up to date. You must promptly inform MIR-AUS™ if there is a change to this information or data. Set up costs: You are responsible for any costs associated with accessing the MIR-AUS™ web site and placing an order for goods with MIR-AUS™, including any Internet provider fees. Delivery area: In order to purchase goods from MIR-AUS™, the Delivery Address which you nominate must be within a suburb where MIR-AUS™ provides delivery services. Please ensure that your delivery address and suburb are correct, as orders for delivery to addresses in suburbs that are not in the MIR-AUS™ delivery area will not be processed. MIR-AUS™ will advise you if the Delivery Address which you nominate ceases to be in an area where MIR-AUS™ delivers Goods. MIR-AUS™ will not be obliged to continue to deliver goods to you if you change your Delivery Address and the new Delivery Address which you nominate is not in an area within which MIR-AUS™ delivers goods.

3. ORDERS AND DELIVERY OF GOODS - You must place an order with MIR-AUS™ by selecting goods and pressing the "Submit Order" button. Orders are deemed to be received by MIR-AUS™ at the time of successful transmission of the order. Late Cancellation Fee: If you cancel an order after the Order Cut Off Time, MIR-AUS™ may charge you and you must pay a late cancellation fee of $30. Delivery: MIR-AUS™ will deliver the Goods to you at the Delivery Address within the time agreed with you. MIR-AUS™ will not commit to delivery beyond the threshold of your home or office building. Threshold means the front door or a point beyond which entry into the interior of the building occurs. Authorised receipt of Goods: Anyone at the Delivery Address who receives the goods shall be presumed by MIR-AUS™ to be authorised to receive the goods. MIR-AUS™ may request that the person who receives the goods at the Delivery Address provide satisfactory evidence of proof of age. MIR-AUS™ may refuse to deliver the Goods if the person receiving the goods is unable or unwilling to provide satisfactory evidence of proof of age. MIR-AUS™ may refuse to deliver liquor to a person who is intoxicated or not of the appropriate legal age. Service fee: If required by MIR-AUS™, you must pay to MIR-AUS™ the Service Fee (or such other fee as may be specified by MIR-AUS™) in respect of each order. The Service Fee covers your personal shopping, packing and delivery for an order, no matter how large it may be. Additional delivery fee: If there is no one at the Delivery Address or no-one of appropriate age to receive and pay for the order when the order is delivered, MIR-AUS™ may charge you and you must pay an additional delivery fee. Minimum value: There is a minimum value of $20 for each order. The minimum value excludes the Service Fee. MIR-AUS™ may (in its absolute discretion) accept an order which is below the minimum value. The waiver of this requirement by MIR-AUS™ in one instance will not oblige MIR-AUS™ to accept an order which is below the minimum value at any other time. Non-delivery of Goods: Where you believe that an item, which was ordered by you and which was in stock, has not been delivered and you wish to report the non-delivery or claim a credit for the value of that item, you must notify MIR-AUS™ of the non-delivery no later than 24 hours from the end of the period during which the Goods were scheduled for delivery in order to lodge a valid claim.

4. RETURNS POLICY  Claims for our Heat Presses must be made within 7-days of receiving product & must be approved by MIR-AUS.

Claims for all other products must be made within 30-days of receiving the product & must be approved by MIR-AUS. 

It is the recipient's responsibility to check all parcels & contact us before 7 days if there is an issue with the product. All products are subject to a restocking fee, which is 20% of the product price. All returns must include a hard copy of the invoice.  A refund will not be given if you do not have a proof of purchase. The customer is responsible to pay for all return shipping costs & unless authorised by a representative of MIR-AUS. All goods must be properly packed for safe transit to MIR-AUS. MIR-AUS can organise collection with our chosen carriers. Payment for shipping must be made before collection unless authorised by MIR-AUS management.

Refund's will only include the cost of the item, and will not include the cost of shipping.
Upon inspection of returned products MIR-AUS refuses the right to refund goods, if the items have been badly handled or mistreated .
Any inks that have been opened are not acceptable for return unless authorised by MIR-AUS.
Printers & Heat Presses that are to be returned will need the original packing they arrived in. Please make sure you retain your packaging for the whole warranty period.
Many of our products come with a warranty or guarantee from the manufacturer. As well, they include guarantees that can't be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. If there is a problem please contact the team at MIR-AUS and we will assist you as quickly as possible.
All fragile items including mugs, are packed with a lot of care. However, these are sometimes still mishandled. Unfortunately this is out of MIR-AUS's control. Delivery insurance can be purchased at an additional cost, for selected couriers. Please let us know if you would lilke insurance at time of order. Customers are also welcome to come and collect your products with prior arrangement.

**What you need to know

At MIR-AUS™ we're all here to ensure your shopping experience is simple and convenient. You can return items by mail or by visiting your local store.
To help us respond to your return quickly and avoid any frustration you can help MIR-AUS™ by ensuring you familiarize yourself with the following information.

   4-1. Please retain your receipt
In order to process a refund, exchange or repair a product purchased from MIR-AUS™, you should have clear proof of purchase - typically a receipt. If you do not have clear proof of purchase, MIR-AUS™ is not obligated to offer you an exchange, refund or repair. However, under certain circumstances, MIR-AUS™ may elect to repair, exchange or issue a Gift Card for the product. For loss prevention purposes we will need to record your personal details. For further information on our Privacy Policy, please refer to our website at www.continuousinksupplysystem.com.au

4-2. Is the product faulty, unfit for purpose or does not match it's advertised description?
Once proof of purchase has been established, if the product fault can safely and clearly be determined in-store, we will offer you either a refund, exchange, repair or Gift Card.

Where the product fault is difficult or potentially dangerous to determine in-store (for example if it is an electrical or software item), we will need to consult with the manufacturer or repair agent to determine the fault and resolution.

Our sales staff are happy to liaise with the manufacturer or repair agent on your behalf to resolve the issue but it may take six weeks or more to complete the process.
It may be more convenient for you to liaise with the manufacturer directly (which may be more time-efficient).

MIR-AUS™ can supply you with their relevant contact details upon request. MIR-AUS™ cannot offer a refund or exchange where the product has sustained damage due to inappropriate use, whether that has been identified by MIR-AUS™, the manufacturer or repair agent. If the product does not match it's advertised description, MIR-AUS™ will provide you with either a refund or Gift Card to the value of the item purchased.

4-3. Have you changed your mind?
If you still have your receipt and it is within 30 days of purchase, MIR-AUS™ will give you an exchange, refund or credit (in the form of a Gift Card), providing the product is:

- In its original condition and packaging (including accessories)
- Not on the Product Exclusion List

If you meet the above conditions but are returning a product outside the 30 day return period, MIR-AUS™ will offer you an exchange or a Gift Card credited with the value of the item purchased.

5. PRICE OF GOODS AND PAYMENT Purchase price: The purchase price of the goods as shown on the Product List is the purchase price which is applicable at the time you view it. The total price of Goods: Goods in Your Order are charged at the purchase price applicable at the time you submit your order and as shown on the order confirmation, except: 

1.if a good is out of stock, in which case you will not be charged for that good;

2.if you have given instruction that you will accept a substitute good, in which case the substitute good will be charged at the applicable purchase price at the time the substitute good is processed and scanned for your order; and

3.if you have ordered a good that is priced per kilo, in which case the actual purchase price for the good is calculated by MIR-AUS™ after the good has been weighed and the purchase price charged will be the lower of the purchase price per kilo applicable at the time you placed your order and the purchase price per kilo applicable at the time your order is processed.

Tax invoice: Upon delivery of the goods, MIR-AUS™ will provide you with a tax invoice specifying the total price for the Goods, including credits applied and the Service Fee. Method of payment: At the time you place the order, online payment by credit card or customer account. Unless otherwise agreed, in order to receive the goods you have ordered, payment must be received by the selected payment method.

Online Payment by PayPal: You may pay for the goods at the time you place the order by providing your credit card details on the MIR-AUS™ web site and MIR-AUS™ will process your payment using your credit card  through PayPal™.

The payment will be processed as we prepare the order for delivery, which in most cases will be the day of delivery but maybe the day prior to delivery. If your credit card is declined by your financial institution, MIR-AUS™ will not be able to guarantee delivery on the date or in the delivery window you selected and may contact you to make alternative delivery and payment arrangements. If you are not at the Delivery Address or organise redelivery, the payment will be processed on the original date of the order. If the order is cancelled or refunded, the credit will be processed on the next business day. MIR-AUS™ may decline to accept payment from you by credit card for any reason and is not required to give reasons. If MIR-AUS™ declines to accept payment from you by credit card, the order will not be processed and you will not be contacted. If you agree to make payment by another method that is acceptable to MIR-AUS™, MIR-AUS™ may process the order or any further orders.

Customer Accounts: If you have an ABN registration, you may make an application to set up a customer credit account with MIR-AUS™. If your application is accepted, you will be required to sign terms and conditions which will include details in relation to payment methods. Terms and conditions of MIR-AUS™ Customer Accounts will be provided to you upon request by contacting MIR-AUS™ Customer Care Centre on 1300 213 589 or send an e-mail request to info@continuousinksupplysystem.com.au. If your Customer Credit Account is either suspended or closed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Customer Credit Account, this Agreement and the facility may be either terminated or suspended by MIR-AUS™.

6. OUT OF STOCKS AND SUBSTITUTION MIR-AUS™ will not provide rain checks in respect of Goods ordered by you. When completing your order, you will be invited to select a substitution option in respect of goods which are out of stock. MIR-AUS™ will use its best endeavours to ensure that all goods ordered by you (and any agreed substitutes) are supplied to you. MIR-AUS™ reserves the right to limit the sale of goods to reasonable or normal household quantities.

7. PACKAGING AND LABELLING OF GOODS MIR-AUS™ aims to include in the Product List up-to-date pictures of the goods. At times, the picture of the goods on the Product List may differ from the goods actually supplied to you. MIR-AUS™ does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained in the Product List and recommends that you read the labels on Goods carefully before consuming the goods.

8.INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS You acknowledge that MIR-AUS™ or its related corporations own or are licensed to use all Intellectual Property Rights in MIR-AUS™, including any images, photographs or text which appears on the MIR-AUS™ web site. You must not make any representation to the contrary and you must not use or copy MIR-AUS™ in any manner which is inconsistent with the rights of the owner or licensee of such Intellectual Property Rights. You acknowledge that any trademarks or logos which appear on the MIR-AUS™ web site are owned by or licensed to MIR-AUS™ or its related corporations and that you must not do anything to prejudice the rights of the trademark owner or licensee to such trademarks or logos.

Usage & Privacy Policy

1.RESPECTING YOUR PRIVACY MIR-AUS™ is committed to supporting the 'National Privacy Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information' which set clear standards for the collection, access, storage and use of personal information which we obtain as part of our business operations. Our respect for our customers' right to privacy of their personal information is paramount. We have policies and procedures to ensure that all personal information, no matter how or where it is obtained, is handled sensitively, securely, and in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. This Privacy Policy sets out:

  • informatters of which you should be aware regarding information we may collect about you;
  • our policies on the management of personal information;
  • generally, what sort of information we hold, for what purposes, and how we collect, hold, use and disclose that information;
  • how you can check, update or delete your personal details;
  • our internet security procedures
  • cookies and how we use them to save you time
  • MIR-AUS™'s compliance with applicable laws

2. WHAT PERSONAL INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT AND STORE? If you wish to browse the MIR-AUS™’s website, you are not required to enter any personal information, you will remain anonymous during your entire visit. To place an order with MIR-AUS you must be a registered customer. So that we can provide the services you are requesting, during the registration process you will be asked your name, e-mail address, delivery address and phone number. At the time of registration, you are invited to choose the different categories of information you wish to receive from us. To save you time and to make your shopping experience with us more enjoyable we keep a record of your shopping list. The shopping list is updated each time you place an order with us and can be accessed by clicking on, 'my shopping list'. MIR-AUS™ takes measures to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, loss, misuse, disclosure or alteration. We also destroy or permanently de-identify personal information when you tell us that it is no longer required. The types of measures we take vary with the type of information, and how it is collected and stored.

3. HOW IS PERSONAL INFORMATION USED? The personal information you supply to us allows us to provide you with the MIR-AUS service you request. To save you time and to make shopping with MIR-AUS™ easier, we store your details so that the next time you log onto our site, you do not need to re-enter that information. We may also use your personal information in other ways to provide you with superior service e.g. providing you with the information you requested us to send to you on registration. If you no longer wish to receive some or all of that information you can remove your name from our list by clicking on 'My Account' and making the necessary changes. Please note that in order to operate the website or deliver a service we may sometimes share your personal information with a sub-contractor e.g. the party who delivers your order. Where this is necessary we obtain their undertaking to comply with the National Privacy Principles for the Fair Handling of Information. Except to the extent that we engage contractors as noted above to assist us to provide a better service to you, we do not provide your personal information or mailing lists containing your personal information to any other organisations for their marketing purposes.

4. HOW CAN YOU CHECK AND UPDATE YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS AND PREFERENCES? You can view or change your personal information by clicking on, 'My Account'. The 'My Account' page contains a record of all the personal information you have provided to MIR-AUS.

5. How can you remove your personal details from MIR-AUS? You can remove your personal information from MIR-AUS™ by sending an email to info@continuousinksupplysystem.com.au, please allow 7 days for the completion of this request. Once removed, you will not be able to use MIR-AUS™ without re-registering.

6. IS MIR-AUS SECURE? To access your account information or to place an order, you must log in to MIR-AUS with your username and password. Your username and password protect you against unauthorised access. You may, and we recommend that you do, change your password regularly. MIR-AUS uses Secure Sockets Layer which encrypts your personal information and password before they are transmitted via the web. This ensures that your personal information cannot be read by others or tampered with en route.

7. WHAT ARE COOKIES AND HOW DOES MIR-AUSUSE THEM? When you first register with MIR-AUS™, we set a cookie on your computer. We use cookies to make your MIR-AUS™ shopping experience easier. It saves you re-entering certain details each time you shop by recording your unique MIR-AUS™ customer number. The customer number is then linked with our database that contains the information you supplied to us on registration. The cookie also assists us to remember the items you wish to purchase and lets us know the number of people using our site at any time. Cookies themselves will not tell us who you are.

8. MORE INFORMATION - More information about Privacy law and the National Privacy Principles is available from the Federal Privacy Commissioner at http://www.privacy.gov.au

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