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Heat Press package two
  • Heat Press package two

Heat Press package two

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heat press Hest HT-45 use for T-shirt and sublimation, Digital heat press machine 

Mug heat Press MOK MK-A-7

Cap heat press Hest HT15

Stand for hest heat press


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MIR-PRESS Digital heat press machine use for t-shirt transfer, sublimation and vinyl

MIR-AUS T-shirt Heat Press 40x50cm:


  • Name: "Hest" Heat Press
  • Code: HT-45
  • Machine Type: Auto Release, Clamshell
  • Platen Size: 16"*20"(40*50cm)
  • Under Plate: Exchangeable
  • Controller: Digital Time & Temp.Control
  • Printable Articles: Up to 15mm Thickness
  • Opening Angle: 50 degrees
  • Gas Spring Control: Yes
  • Voltage: 120V/ 220V
  • Power: 15: 1.5KW/ 1.8KW; 20: 1.6KW/ 1.8KW
  • Time Range: 0-999 sec
  • Maximum Temp: 225 C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Packing Size: 91*53*56 cm
  • Net Weight: 48.55 kg
  • Gross Weight: 51.55 kg
  • 1-year warranty on entire press

MOK Mug Heat Press 11 OZ. Mugs


  • Name: "MOK-A"
  • Code:  MK-A-7 
  • Electric full Transfer Mug Heat Press
  • Model No.: MIR-MP-99
  • Controller: Digital time & Temperature controller
  • Suit for: 11oz Full Transfer
  • Maximum Temperature: 230’
  • Time Range: 0-999 seconds
  •  Machine Type:  Semi-Auto
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Voltage: 110V / 220V
  • Power: 260W
  • Temperature: Accuracy ±0.5%
  • Gross Weight: 6.44 Kg
  • Net Weight: 5.44 kg
  • Packing size: 37*28*26 cm


1 x Mug Press Machine
1 x straight heating collar

Cap hat Heat Press Hest HT15


Special Design, make difference with normal cap press!
A durable cap press with digital time & temperature control. The auto open feature enables you to multi-task and help avoid over-application. Optional 4 different sizes exchangeable under plates for heat pressing on different size caps, including low-profile, oversize, and full or low crowns.

Product Features

  • Name: "Hest" MIR-PRESS
  • Code: HT15
  • Machine Type: Auto Release
  • Platen Size:102*203mm
  • Under Plate: Changeable
  • Base Plate Size: 15x15cm & Cap Heater
  • Controller:  Digital Time & Temp. Control
  • Printable Articles: Up to 10mm thickness
  • with emergency stop switch
  • Opening Angle: 35 degrees
  • Gas Spring Control: Yes
  • Voltage: 120V/ 220V
  • Power: 500-1000W
  • Emergency Open Button
  • Time Range: 0-480 sec
  • Maximum Temp: 225 C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Packing Size: 72*41*73cm
  • Net Weight: 22.50 kg
  • Gross Weight: 24.50 kg


1 x Hest HT15 hat heat Press Machine

Stand for Heat Press

  • Feature: Special for "Hest"
  • Height: 75.0cm-115.5cm
  • Material: Metal

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