Sublimation CISS four colours for Epson cartridge code 252

Sublimation CISS for Epson

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Sublimation CISS four colours for Epson 4 colours 

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Continuous Ink Supply Systems | CISS  "for heat press process"

Sublimation CISS four colours for Epson 4 colours

Compatible with:

WF-2510 WF-2520 WF-2530 WF-2540 WF-2630 WF-2650 WF-2660 WF-2750 WF-2760 WF-3520 WF-3530 WF-3620 WF-3640 WF-435

WF-525 WF-545 WF-60 WF-620 WF-625 WF-630 WF-633 WF-645 WF-7010 WF-7110 WF-7510 WF-7520 WF-7610 WF-7620 WF-7710 WF-7725

WF-7720 WF-7725 WF-840 WF-845

XP-432 XP-235 XP-245  XP-442 

Please mention the model of your printer in check out page

Note: This kit is packed with ink and Auto Reset Chipset.


 1X140 ml Black High-Quality Sublimation  Ink

 1X140 ml Cyan High-Quality Sublimation Ink

 1X140 ml Magenta High-Quality Sublimation Ink

 1X140 ml Yellow High-Quality Sublimation Ink 

Equivalent to approximately 20 cartridges for each colour

  • Australian Design
  • The first biggest CISS in the world (140ml for each colour)
  • Internal ink metal filter
  • NEW Air balance
  • Easy ink monitoring
  • Easy refilling
  • Light protect cover
  • Extendable tank
  • High-quality PVC
  • High-quality joint Waterproofing


Data sheet

Height:10 cm
Width:6 cm
Depth:10.5 cm
Weight:1.5 kg
Chip-set:Auto Reset Chipset
CISS cover's colour:BLACK