Epson CISS Lid Removal

This is how to remove the lid from many Epson printers.

If you have been sent this document, even though the pictured printer is not your exact model, the lid removal is the same procedure, so you need to follow it.

Below, you will see a picture.

There are numbers, pointing to parts that you need to look at. Look at this picture, then read the comments under it for instructions:


Number 1… There is a gap here. You need to put a thin object like a screwdriver or table knife into the slot.

Number 2… Once the screwdriver/knife is in the gap, twist to the right and you will see the small plastic bit move.

The plastic moves over, then get hold of the lid itself and push it left, so that the round prong comes out of the right hand side piece of plastic (Number 3).

Push back the small plastic part that you have pushed to the right by twisting the knife/screwdriver, so that it is back to where it was when you first looked at it.

Don’t go flying into this operation heavy handed. Do it slowly but firmly. The lid will dome off ,we do many each day.

Although we get all lids off without breaking the small prong, if you do, do not be concerned, you don’t need the lid any more. If you do break it, make sure it doesn’t fall into the printer. If it does, fish it out.

This lid removal is quite easy, but I cannot guarantee that you will not break a prong off, it is all down to how hard and quickly you do it, but I remove them every day without damage to the prong.