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Waste-ink Kit for all inkjet Printer


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MIR-AUS-Waste-ink Kit for all Espon inkjet Printer- for more information view the item

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 Please Note: Item is just suitable for Epson printers.



What Is It & What Does It Do?


This kit provides a simple, well designed external container to collect and contain the waste ink dumped during a "head cleaning" routine, by your Epson, Canon, Hp and Brother, printers. All you have to do is modify your printer to install it.

A "Service Required" Solution?

Most Epson desktop printers have been built with a printhead that is capable of lasting decades (with proper care) but it has one achilles heel in it's handling of waste ink. Epson printers waste considerable amounts of ink into its waste pads which sooner or later need emptying.

When the printer decides it's full, it will flash up a message "Parts inside the printer have reached the end of their service life". Normally replacing these pads is expensive, and very difficult to complete by anyone other than a qualified service technician because of the way the printers are designed.

Waste-ink Kit are designed to make it cheaper and simpler to redirect all the waste into a sealed, secure bottle which is easy to empty, clean and re-use with minimal mess. Once installed, all you need to do, is reset the waste ink counter, dispose of the waste ink from time to time and you're good to go.

Resetting the Waste-Ink / Protection Counter?

Fitting a kit does not automatically clear the waste ink counter on your printer. Instead a utility is required to complete the reset before you can use your printer again.
As part of our support I do provide up-to-date resources and information on where to find the necessary utility for your printer.

The way to reset the waste ink pad conter for the Epson printers you need WIC softwear. please see the link bellow:

This information is constantly being updated so please contact use if you are unsure if your particular printer is supported.


Please Note: Item is just suitable for Epson printers.