CISS Ink supply HP Officejet Pro 251dw

HP-950xl Pigment ink

MIR-AUS  CISS HP Officejet Pro 251dw | Cartridge Model: 
HP 950 951 / 950XL 951XL  [Pigment ink]

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Continuous Ink Supply Systems ( CISS ) HP Officejet Pro 251dw

Cartridge Model: 
HP 950 951 / 950XL 951XL 

Printer Models:

HP Officejet Pro 251dw



Note: This kit is packed with Pigment ink and Auto Reset Chipset.

 170 ml Black ink (Pigment ink) 

 150 ml Cyan ink (Pigment  ink)

 150 ml Magenta ink (Pigment  ink)

 150 ml Yellow ink (Pigment  ink)

Data sheet

Ink: High Quality Ink
Chip-set: Auto Reset Chipset