refill the MIR-AUS Robust CISS V.4


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20-Jun-2017>> We have just released the new updated chip for Brother  cartridge code LC-133




Refill the MIR-AUS Robust CISS V.4

Published : 16/06/2017 14:31:01
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Refill the MIR-AUS Robust CISS V.4

Refilling your MIR-AUS CISS

Please make sure to periodically check the ink level in the larger ink compartment in each of the tanks. If it is less than 2 cm, it is time to order more ink and to refill the larger compartment (check out our website for very inexpensive high-quality ink). It is important to keep using the same ink in your CISS system. Adding another brand of ink and mixing it with your existing ink in the CISS system can lead to blockage of the printer nozzles and further damage to your cartridges.

Refilling your MIR-AUS CISS

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